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Company & Role

Conigital was formed in 2015 with an initial focus on transport systems that support the roll out of automated vehicles. Conigital is developing the next generation of asset & operations management software that can be applied to any operations domain (e.g. transport, energy, manufacturing) and facilitate significant improvements in efficiency through automation.

Conigital is looking to supplement our existing Autonomous Vehicle team by adding the best skills into our team.

This is an exciting time to join Conigital and help shape the future of the business and product portfolio. This role will suit a pro-active candidate who is able to demonstrate technical leadership strong communication skills.

Job Title: ROS Developer

Job Location: Remote or Birmingham (depending on circumstances)

Job Description
Conigital is looking for a ROS Developer to support ongoing development. Reporting to the AV Team Lead, the data scientist will be working within a successful and motivated team. As a specialist in ROS one will have to devote her/his expertise to leverage the current development in the field of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) development.

1.1 About You

  • Expertise in Robotic Operating System (ROS), ROS1 & ROS2
  •  Expertise in various sensors, navigation, control system, and robot programming.
  •  Expertise in sensor integration, sensor data acquisition, sensor data synchronisation and sensor data processing for modular integration.
  • Expertise in embedding AV functionalities in a modular architecture.
  • Not necessary but Knowledge of AV functionalities like localisation, mapping, planning, control and actuation is preferable.
  • Knowledge of software design capabilities (module, sub-system, and small systems) and documentation skills.
  •  Programming languages – Python/C++, preferable if Proficient in Python
  • OS for the embedded systems would be advantageous
  •  Knowledge and experience in RTOS and real time system implementation preferable
  • Knowledge in specific libraries for image processing, encryption, OpenCV, OpenSSL, PCL, would be preferred.
  • Not Necessary but experience with, Matlab Simulink & Carla is preferable.

1.2 Roles & Duties 
Drive-by-wire ROS:

  •  Installation, setup of the x-by-wire ROS driver
  • Validating the subscribed and published ROS topics
  •  Testing the DBW using the demonstration pack.
    + Verifying the steering signal
    + Verifying the throttle and brake signal
    + Validate steering control output
    + Validate throttle and brake control output
    + Asses system for any calibration required
  • Mapping the ACS ROS topics to DBW ROS Topics

Sensor Abstraction on ROS:

  • Integrate, setup drivers for selected sensors on the ACS
  • Create a ROS application to log synchronized/ unsynchronized sensor data
  • Application must have capability to ensure QoS for the messages received
  • Create a real time (possibly) data bus to transfer data to the ACS
  • Data synchronization and certain amount of processing is expected to generate usable data.
  •  Any application developed must have a modular architecture.

ROS based HMI interface:

  • Develop a visualization application for Operator HMI
  •  Develop a GUI to visualize vehicle localization
  •  Sensor health checkup display
  •  Operator HMI Spec sheet will be provided


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