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Job Description:

ICAV Cluster is looking for a Motion Planning Engineer with a strong software development background for our Autonomous Vehicle Project development based in India. The engineering team is looking for an experienced engineer to work on Motion Planning algorithms for self-driving cars.

As a Motion Planning Engineer, you will be responsible for the development of environment modeling, motion planning, and behavioral prediction algorithms, and software that enables an autonomous vehicle to interact with its environment. You will have the chance to work with expert team & implementing these algorithms on high tech hardware that will allow you to explore
algorithms that were traditionally too costly on edge computing systems.

At ICAV Cluster you will be working with our growing team of talented people & in collaboration with our valuable client Conigital Group from UK, our team of experts is going to begin the design and development of Autonomous System for Transportation Sectors in India.
Our vision is to Build the future of commercial mobility through advanced autonomous driving technology. With projects around the world, our team is solving complex real time problems across various industries.

We are looking for exceptional minds who can explore and present extraordinary solutions to the most complex challenges.


  •  Design and implement key component of planning stack, responsible for real-time motion planners development.
  • Building/Integrating software and algorithms for path planning, behavioral planning and vehicle control.
  • Testing algorithms in simulation, in vehicle under controlled environment and deploying the component on the actual vehicle in field, for validating assumption and testing interfaces.
  •  Benchmarking and validating navigation systems for final deployment
  •  Collaborating with technical and non-technical team members to build full-stack autonomous solutions
  • Developing safety engineering and fault tolerance into navigation and control systems.

About You:

  • Understanding of a variety of motion planning approaches
  • Experience on developing real-time motion planners and verifying on simulator and real situations.
  • Strong algorithm design, implementation and debugging skills.
  • Production grade Code & Software development experience with C++ & Python, MATLAB
  • ROS & ROS2 Experience
  • Understanding of configuration spaces and a variety of planning techniques (A*, D*, RRTs, PRMs, Convex Programming, Probabilistic Planning, etc.)
  • Highly skilled in motion planning and control theory (e.g., model predictive control, vehicle dynamics modeling)
  • Knowledge and experience in designing and developing finite state machines preferable.
  • Extensive experience with programming and algorithm design.
  • Must be comfortable working over with large data sets
  • Strong team player, comfortable working in a vibrant, diverse and interdisciplinary team.
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills to provide optimal solutions
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Not Required but good to have these experiences:

  • Master’s/Phd Degree in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent preferred.
  • Experience in Automotive Industry will be regarded. Experience in writing safety-critical code
  • Experience with real-time sensor fusion (e.g. IMU, lidar, camera, odometry, radar)
  • SLAM / Probabilistic Filtering experience
  • Reinforcement learning experience

This position is also available in Australia and India. (Candidate may need to travel as per required to the project location worldwide)

How to Apply:

Interested candidates can apply by sending their CV at