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Job Description:

ICAV Cluster is looking for an AI and Optimisation Specialist, You will be working on Multi-objective Optimization projects in the transport and energy sectors using Metaheuristic Algorithms

You will be working with our technical lead deploying and integrating our propriety EAs algorithms to explore a variety of datasets to drive greater value and business insight supporting near Realtime decision making in dynamic situations

You will Develop high-quality code for software development and AI tasks

  •  Own AI toolchain for Multi-Objective optimisation and Neural Networks
  • Modelling – to understand the behavior of complex systems through dynamics or data driven modelling.
  • Optimization – to make recommendations about a system and its operation.
  • Control – enacting recommendations through either closed-loop control or human-in-the-loop decision making.
  • Using advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to identify new trends and relationships in data.
  • Develop knowledge of all relevant data resources from the lifecycle of platform development (internally) and in the Transport Industry (externally).
  • Be a proficient user of standard ML modelling algorithms and model development methodologies.
  • Be aware of methodologies available and their respective potential use and limitations.
  •  Implement interfaces to 3rd party software and systems.


  • Proficient in Python. Knowledge of other OOP languages is appreciated (C++, Java) to solve engineering challenges
  •  Essential experience of Software Engineering Techniques, Source Control software like (Git), Design Patterns, Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Experience of Major Data Science/Analysis libraries (Tensorflow, Pandas, Scikit-learn etc) or similar.
  • Experience with Azure or AWS is essential
  •  Experience developing data-driven algorithms and productionising solutions
  • Knowledge of container technologies (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes, AKS, etc.)
  • Good knowledge of agile delivery experience for software and systems (ideally Scrum and, possibly, Kanban)
  • Knowledge/experience of RESTful or SOAP API data service development.
  • Experience in combining modelling and data-driven techniques
  • Experience of developing models to solve problems in the supply chain, Transport and manufacturing.

Job Functions:

  • Working experience in Metaheuristic Optimization
  •  Deep Learning, Operational Research, Optimization, Multi-objective Optimization
  •  Excellent understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • Working knowledge of scripting Python/Shell.
  •  Working knowledge on how web works, HTTP protocol, cookies, caching, DNS, CDNs, etc.
  •  Working experience in databases (relational and non-relational), SQL scripting.
  •  Troubleshoot any issues with existing features, live on production.
  • Understand end-to-end product functionality.
  •  Excellent problem solving skills.
  •  Experience in software design and architecture.
  •  Demonstrated ability to self direct and work independently.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates can apply by sending their CV at