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Come to Amazon’s office to hear what ideas and advice Microsoft, ARM and Amazon executives/founders would give Cambridge start-ups which will pitch a business problem they have.

This is an event where there will be no judgement or pressure, just supportive and constructive feedback.

The audience can also give their advice and ideas during the event to help the Cambridge start-ups get unstuck.

Are you a Cambridge start-up that has had investment, is growing, but feels stuck on a business challenge?

Would you like ideas and advice from Microsoft, Arm or Amazon executives on how to solve your problem? Apply to pitch a problem in this safe environment.


We’re giving three Cambridge scale-ups the chance to pitch a business challenge and get advice from a panel of top executives including:

How it works:

Only three start-ups will have the chance to deliver a three minute pitch to the panel about their challenge and get answers on three actions they could take to help them grow. After the 3 minutes pitch, the panel and the audience will spend 27 minutes discussing and coming up with ideas, tools and contacts of how the startup could solve this problem.

There is no picking holes in the startup CEO’s business plan or ideas, just listening and asking questions to understand their challenge and then discussing suggestions and advice for ideas, tools or connections that can help them get unstuck.

The panel and audience usually answer with: “In your shoes I would do X”, or “We had this problem, this is how we solved it”, or “Is there something that perhaps could prevent you from doing x? This is how it worked for us.” or “How about X, would this work?”.

The challenge is open to Cambridge startups that have secured a minimum of £500,000 investment (or £300,000 client income), are growing, or even those that have achieved multi-million pound turnover but have challenges as a result of rapid growth.

The event will be chaired by Adelina Chalmers, aka The Geek Whisperer, and is supported by Cambridge Wireless and the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor.

The challenges

Growth challenges could be:

  • Should our business focus on B2B market on B2C market? We have traction in both.
  • How can we decide if we should we go with pricing strategy A or B? Our research shows they are both equally valid options for our customer segment.
  • What is the company’s maximum potential for growth? Should we consider selling to a large corporate? Considering our model, what should be our exit strategy?
  • Should we go for Series B or C investment, raising money to grow faster but owning less of the company; or bootstrap for longer, enjoying greater autonomy but possibly experiencing slower growth as a result?
  • How do we build and lead our teams through significant business change? As companies grow and spread across continents founders often face challenges around hiring people who can scale the company, as well as people from different cultures and professional backgrounds (salespeople for tech founders and visa versa)
  • How do we launch in new markets? How do we open up offices in other places like the US?
  • Any other growing pains your business is experiencing where you feel you would benefit from expert advice

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