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Robots have been part of the human imagination for decades, for example, they feature heavily in popular culture. What is your favourite robot character/film?  Their anticipated future impact is widely discussed. Their potential use in military operations may well change the face of future warfare, whilst in civilian life, industrial and domestic, it is speculated how they will both be our assistants and our replacements.Our aim is to reflect on the various challenges of lives transformed by the creation of new human-robot relationships which will lead to a robotic society. We will focus on advanced technological innovations (human-robot interaction, humanoids, social robots, autonomous systems, intelligent perception, AI, machine learning, connectivity), as well as on societal aspects (legal issues, legislation, regulations, robotics ethics, human-robot co-existence, employment, safety).

Attendees should leave with a broad understanding of the key technologies and current applications for Robotics, together with an appreciation of the emerging future opportunities and challenges to be addressed in this dynamic and exciting tech field.

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