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Recent coverage of the IoT has reported that many projects fail or never deliver the anticipated benefits.  This intensive, full-day course is designed to provide a high-level overview of how to specify and develop IoT deployments.  Starting with the value chain, it looks at the steps that a company needs to take to work out the business model and the individual resources and decisions which are needed to achieve the project goal.

Why should you choose this course?The IoT has become a popular buzzword, promising the ability to transform a business and disrupt competition.  As with so many buzzwords, the reality is more complex.  An end-to-end IoT deployment requires a wider diversity of skills than exist in most companies, ranging from hardware design, through communication technology to big data processing and analytics.  Bringing those different areas of expertise together is proving to be a challenge for many companies, which is why a significant proportion of IoT projects have stalled.  However, many companies are beginning to reap the benefits.  As more of the pieces required to make IoT projects successful are falling into place, some of the issues are becoming easier, but the IoT is still a challenge.  This course provides a practical overview of the elements of an IoT deployment, highlighting the skills required to be successful and identifying potential pitfalls.

The course is split across three sessions (see more information on these in the agenda):

  • Session 1: What is the IoT?
  • Session 2:  IoT standards and the details of implementation
  • Session 3:  IoT Business Models

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