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This conference will bring together representatives from Scotland’s passenger and public transport interests with innovators in disruptive technology to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead as services and passenger expectations are transformed by digital opportunity.

The day will focus on three sessions:

  • Passenger and Public Transport in the Disruptive Technology Age
  • Passenger Transport for Communities and the Economy
  • Digital Disruption – Breaking down producer models, building up new modes, managers and movers

Scotland ’s economies and communities are served by the full range of passenger transport modes. Within and between communities, rail, bus, ferry, air, tram and urban rail services provide the lifeblood of daily commuter travel and enable urban, rural and remote Scotland to sustain jobs, businesses, public services and strong communities. Strengthening, protecting and growing these services is both an economic and a transport opportunity.

To find out more, including how you can register to attend, click here.


Photo by Ben Herbert from Pexels.