More than 200 delegates from across the UK are expected to attend the upcoming two-day event on March 27-28 at the International Convention Centre. The conference will feature keynote speeches, expert panels, and interactive sessions on the latest advancements and future prospects in power electronics, machines, and drives.

To address the ongoing skills gap in the field, the conference will also mark the launch of the Electric Revolution Skills Hub, a comprehensive platform designed to offer inclusive access to training, development, and job opportunities in the UK. The platform will rely on a unified body of knowledge to establish a consensus on the essential PEMD disciplines needed to upskill the UK workforce.

As part of the initiative, a catalog of easily searchable courses from colleges and unconventional training providers will be made available on the platform, covering topics ranging from automation and control to electrical engineering. In its first year, the Electric Revolution Skills Hub will provide targeted training sessions, a talent diagnostic tool, and an electrified jobs board to 150 firms and organizations across the country, thanks to funding provided in collaboration with UKRI and Innovate UK.

These efforts to close the skills gap in the field of power electronics, machines, and drives are crucial for the UK’s future prospects in the growing electric vehicle industry and the wider green energy sector. With the launch of the Electric Revolution Skills Hub and events like this conference, the UK is taking a significant step towards achieving a sustainable and prosperous future.


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