Oxbotica, an autonomous vehicle startup has raised $140 million to deployment of self-driving commercial vehicles

Autonomous vehicle (AV) startup Oxbotica has raised $140 million from investors to accelerate the adoption of Autonomous Vehicles in sectors including heavy industries, ports, and airports. The Series C round of funding includes contributions from new investors, such as the venture capital arms of Trimble, a software business, and the Japanese oil refiner Eneos, as well as the Japanese insurer Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance.

Additionally, it includes new funds from current investors including Tencent, the venture capital arm of BP, Kiko Ventures, the IP Group’s clean tech investing platform, and the first institutional investor in Oxbotica

The news comes two years after Oxbotica secured a $47 million Series B investment to speed up the commercial rollout of its top-tier autonomy software platform across numerous industries and important markets.

The total amount of funds raised by Oxbotica is currently around $225 million, and the firm has stated that more investors are anticipated to join before the investment round finishes in a few months as Oxbotica work on the navigation, perception, user interface, fleet management, and other capabilities required to operate self-driving cars are all powered by Oxbotica.


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