NVIDIA corporation and Foxconn have announced partnership to develop self-driving or autonomous vehicle systems for automakers. 

Foxconn, the largest producer of electronics in the world, and NVIDIA Corporation have established a strategic alliance to create platforms for automated and autonomous vehicles. Foxconn will create electronic control units (ECUs) for the worldwide automotive market based on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin.

The brain of intelligent vehicles is a system-on-a-chip called NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, which can handle 254 trillion operations per second. It is the best option for powering artificial intelligence (AI) cockpits, digital clusters, confidence views, and autonomous driving capabilities. Foxconn will use NVIDIA DRIVE Orin ECUs and DRIVE Hyperion sensors to build tier-one electric vehicles (EVs) with a high degree of autonomy.

The NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion autonomous vehicle reference architecture integrates DRIVE Orin-based AI compute with a full sensor suite that includes 12 exterior cameras, 3 interior cameras, 9 radars, 12 ultrasonics, 1 front-facing lidar, plus 1 lidar for gathering ground truth data. This accelerates development, testing, and validation.

NVIDIA will scale its efforts through the partnership to address the growing demand for intelligent vehicles in the automotive sector. Instead, the decision will help Foxconn speed up the manufacture of electric vehicles by reducing time to market and increasing quality.


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