Route Pilot AI, a cloud-based AI-powered ship operation support system that uses high-frequency data to determine the most advantageous propulsion settings for prospective journeys, is now available from Yara Marine Technologies (Yara Marine). According to the business in a Press Release, the AI, which uses digital twin modelling to replicate operational factors, will allow ship and shore-based staff to determine the best working parameters to reduce fuel consumption and achieve the most energy-efficient voyage.

Mikael Laurin, Head of Business Line Vessel Optimization at Yara Marine, said: “Upcoming EEXI and CII regulations will require ship-owners and operators to implement immediate, future-proof solutions that ensure long-term operational efficiency and reduced emissions. The need is further exacerbated by other developments within the industry, such as rising costs, fuel shortages, and the ongoing crewing crisis. At Yara Marine, we believe that a data and automation system like Route Pilot AI offers an effective and flexible solution that allows operators to remain competitive and advance the industry’s transition to Net Zero.”

Route Pilot AI expands upon FuelOpt, the propulsion optimization tool currently used by Yara Marine to execute energy-efficient trips in real time, and Fleet Analytics, the performance management system used to track performance and identify best practises over time. The digital twin modelling of the AI-powered system uses ship data from prior voyages and historical sea conditions. When performing the same transport activity, these data are utilised to evaluate the predicted environmental conditions and determine the peak operational parameters for the vessel and route in question. Additionally, the system enhances the AI-capacity model’s for fuel efficiency with each new journey through the use of machine learning.

AI-powered digital twin modelling and improved ship-to-shore communication further facilitate efficient fleet management. Alternative routes can be evaluated and compared when using Route Pilot AI’s voyage forecast performance algorithm. The AI analyses several expected dates of arrival and departure and assesses which ship in the operator’s fleet would be most appropriate for the particular route in question, giving ship-owners and operators access to enhanced decision-making. As a result, it establishes wiser, more effective operational guidelines to reduce fuel usage. The FuelOpt system then implements these optimised parameters, adjusting propulsion while taking changing internal and external environments into consideration.


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