The Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) has selected Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd to undertake an independent survey of more than 2,000km of England’s local authority roads this summer.

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The survey will help establish the current condition of road markings (retroreflectivity), but also ‘the preparedness of these roads to meet the challenges of the transition to vehicles with increasing levels of automation’, the RSMA said.

Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd will use its RetroTek Mobile Retroreflectometer System, which measures retroreflectivity and contrast across a full lane width in a single pass.

The survey technique can be undertaken at traffic speed and does not impact adversely on road users.

Stu McInroy, chief executive of the RSMA, said: ‘The results generated shall provide a robust, objective and independent evidence base to inform a variety of work streams currently being undertaken by the RSMA.

‘I believe, when completed, these work streams shall inform discussions about the current condition of the road markings in England and their ability to not only support the requirements of human drivers well into the future but also the transition to vehicles with increased levels of automation, such as lane keeping assist.

‘I am concerned that the focus of high-level stakeholders is skewed towards automated operations far into the future; no one appears to be addressing the here and now and that is why the RSMA has acted. The data generated by this survey shall provide a real-world analysis of the here, the now, the tomorrow. We must understand the present to be able to plan for the future.’

Joe Turley, chief executive of Reflective Measurement Systems, said: ‘This real-time information identifies what sections of these roads provide good visibility for vehicle drivers and for the safe operation of advance driver assisted Systems such as lane keep assist and lane departure warning.

‘The RetroTek-D Retroreflectometer is unique and the most advanced, efficient traffic speed retroreflectometer in the world. It can assess all road markings (lines & symbols) and studs across a full lane width in one pass, day & night.’


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