By integrating with Google Maps, Dott’s e-scooters and e-bikes can now be discovered by users in all of the cities that it operates in, encouraging more people to switch to sustainable travel.

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Dott, a leading European micro-mobility company, has announced that is working with Google Maps to make it easier for more people to discover its shared vehicles as the most efficient way to travel across cities.

When planning a journey, users of Google Maps will now find Dott’s e-scooters and e-bikes as a travel option, along with estimates for cost and travel time. The collaboration aims to highlight the benefits of shared micro-mobility to new and existing users, encouraging more people to switch to sustainable travel.

The feature is now available in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain and the UK. Dott’s e-scooters can be discovered in all of the cities that it operates in, and e-bikes are shown in Paris initially, followed by Rome, Milan and London as they are introduced in those cities as part of Dott’s growing fleet. The addition of e-bikes allows more people to choose the type of environmentally friendly travel that’s best for them, available in both the Dott and Google Maps apps.

When searching a journey, Google Maps displays a Dott option, which features more details showing the closest available vehicle, walking distance and battery status. Riders are then directed to the Dott app, where they can make the journey and choose to pay per trip, or by using a pass to save money on more frequent travel.

Henri Moissinac, Co-Founder and CEO at Dott, said: “Working with Google Maps will help us to show the benefits of shared micro-mobility to a larger audience. Users can now easily see that Dott’s e-scooters and e-bikes provide efficient travel across a city, avoiding congestion and without causing pollution. By comparing journey time and price against other options at a glance, we hope to encourage more people to switch to sustainable travel.”

The environment and social impact are at the heart of every business decision at Dott. The micro-mobility company is working to reuse, upcycle or recycle 100 per cent of used vehicles and parts, and aiming to exceed a five year life-span for its vehicles. Dott is also targeting a 100 per cent electric logistics fleet and renewable energy in all its cities. The service is designed to be as accessible as possible, and Dott works closely with local communities, aiming for equal coverage across the areas that it serves and partnering with local organisations to help to improve the cities in which it operates.


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