From Tesla’s full self- driving beta in Canada to HP piloting an autonomous electric powered trucking service from LA, a lot has happened last week. Let’s have a look! 


Tesla has started rolling out its Full Self-Driving Beta software to drivers in Canada. Following the release of the FSD Beta version 10 release last weekend, Tesla is finally attempting to test its FSD software in countries outside the United States. New videos from a Tesla Model 3 owner named Joshua have appeared on YouTube and show the vehicle’s performance in its first non-U.S. operation.

Apple is continuing efforts to advance internal self-driving car technology, with the iPhone maker recently registering more drivers to pilot technology test beds on California roads. In early August, Apple’s autonomous vehicle program consisted of 69 test vehicles and 92 pilots, according to filings with California’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Schaeffler and Mobileye, have agreed a long-term cooperation agreement to advance the industrialization of autonomous vehicles. The rolling chassis from Schaeffler is to be combined with the Mobileye Drive self-driving system in order to develop a new, flexible platform for self-driving shuttles and other vehicle products capable of Level 4 automation.

Trucking company Plus adds intriguing sensor to self-driving system. Plus that specializes in developing automated driving for trucks is the latest to evaluate the potential of thermal cameras. The company said Wednesday it is collaborating with Teledyne FLIR on a development project that uses the cameras on its sensor stack for Level 4 automated vehicles. Teledyne FLIR is one of the key suppliers of thermal cameras.

Japan’s transportation ministry plans to introduce stricter safety requirements for autonomous vehicles, paving the way for buses and other public transportation that can operate without human drivers in aging, rural communities. Japan is looking to level 4 automation, which does not require human control and may operate without a wheel or pedals, to provide a mobility solution to remote regions.

General Motors Co’s (GM.N) venture capital arm has invested millions of dollars in Oculii, a U.S. startup maker of software for radar sensors used in self-driving cars, Oculii co-founder Steven Hong said. GM can use Oculii’s low-cost software to boost the resolution of radars and scale up its partially automated vehicles and full self-driving cars, he told Reuters in an interview.

Sensible 4 and Swiss Transit Lab have started a long-term pilot project in Switzerland using electric Level 4 autonomous shuttles. The first rides are happening in Schaffhausen at the annual Swiss Public Transportation Association (VOV) event. The full electric and Level 4 self-driving shuttles will be part of a public transportation service that will last for two years.

HP Is Piloting an Autonomous, Electric-Powered Trucking Service from LA. In Los Angeles, a San Francisco-based autonomous trucking company is carrying out a new pilot program with computer hardware giant HP Inc. In the next couple of years, the startup wants to reduce emissions and transit times in HP’s supply chains. And  expand the model to other companies. Embark has been focused on creating fully autonomous trucks.


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