SRL Traffic Systems’ Multiphase ADS traffic light detection technology for portable and temporary traffic signals has been independently proven to reduce average queue lengths by 50%, the company has said.

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The multiphase adaptive detection technology, which the company said is the UK and Ireland’s only such system for portable and temporary signals, was independently modelled by Ian Routledge Consultancy. SRL said it is the only portable and temporary solution to have been independently modelled.

The modelling was completed in May using traffic flow data and Vissim software with three-way control in a heavily saturated tidal flow location in Yorkshire.

SRL said it demonstrated that the impact of replacing a basic logic traffic light system with Multiphase ADS was a 50% reduction in average queue length; a 29% reduction in maximum queue length; a 22% reduction in average journey time at the junction (increasing to 40% during peak flow); and a 52% reduction in journey time for the route with the highest flow of traffic.

Chief operating officer Adrian Murphy said: ‘The demand for smart technologies capable of cutting congestion has never been greater, and we are proud to be able to offer a multiphase solution with the proven capability of slashing queue lengths and waiting times, improving road users’ experience of roadworks.’

SRL said its Multiphase ADS (pictured), which was launched at the end of last year, may be used in conjunction with its Eurolight Master temporary and portable traffic lights and is the only portable and temporary ADS solution to offer two, three and four-way control.

The system works by connecting a radar detector that collects data about real-time traffic volumes and speeds to portable and temporary traffic lights, using an algorithm that adjusts green time accordingly, taking into account HGV start lag.

The company described the system, which is available for hire as well as sale, as ‘especially effective in areas of tidal traffic flow because of its ability to reduce the build-up of traffic moving in a single direction’.

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