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As part of the Drone Pathfinder Catalyst Programme sponsored by the Department for Transport, Connected Places Catapult brought together Yorkshire Housing Association and Vantage UAV to demonstrate and showcase the benefits of using drone services for inspecting buildings and assets.

In social housing alone, more than £6.3bn annually is spent across the UK is on repairs and maintenance. The housing sector is not alone however – many sectors can benefit from using drone technology for inspecting and maintaining assets and property.

Connected Places Catapult organised asset inspections to showcase how Yorkshire Housing, a housing association with limited experience with drones, could easily benefit from them.

Yorkshire Housing has estimated that the inspections will provide more than 10x return on investment by enabling targeted maintenance in place of the extensive roof works which were previously planned.

This case study outlines the economic, social and environmental case for drone inspection compared to ‘business as usual’ and showcases how a housing association has adopted drones to reap immediate and long-term benefits. Owners, managers, or maintainers of property and other asset portfolios will benefit from reading this document to understand the capabilities and potential opportunities for using drones in their organisations.

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