From the introduction of humanoid robot to India’s first autonomous vehicle testing track, a lot has happened last week.  

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says his company is working on a humanoid robot and that it will build a prototype “sometime next year.” The humanoid robot will leverage Tesla’s experience with automated machines in its factories, as well as some of the hardware and software that powers the company’s Autopilot driver assistance software. Musk revealed drawings of the robot on his company’s “AI Day” event.

May Mobility have announced the launch of an on-demand AV shuttle service. May Mobility, an innovative AV technology and shuttle operations company, in partnership with the City of Grand Rapids, Via and Gentex, have announced the launch of an on-demand AV shuttle service in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The expanded, on-demand service began on July 26, 2021, as part of Phase 2 of the Grand Rapids Autonomous Vehicle Initiative.

Toronto commissioning 3D maps to get ready for autonomous vehicles. Ecopia AI will make a high-definition map of Toronto, ON to help the deployment of self-driving cars in the future. The goal of the 3D map is to create a digital twin of Toronto using AI to mini geospatial and street view images of the city to generate a digital recreation. The key of these maps is to accurately map things like curb heights, crosswalks, stop signs.

Self-driving vehicle challenge in SW China tests cars in actual scenarios. Leading car manufacturers, research institutes, college teams, and individual participants are taking part in a self-driving vehicle challenge game in China. The four-day game, officially named the i-VISTA Autonomous Vehicle Grand Challenge, consists of five rounds of competitions on decision analysis, and the control and execution capability of the vehicles.

Baidu launched second chip and a robocar. Baidu unveiled its second-generation artificial intelligence chip, its first “robocar” and a rebranded driverless taxi app, underscoring how these new areas of technology are key to the company’s future growth. Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, has tried to convince investors the company’s future lies in AI and related areas such as autonomous driving. Baidu also rebranded its robotaxi app.

Aurora releases tool to gauge safety of self-driving systems. Aurora has released what it says is the industry’s first tool for evaluating whether and when autonomous trucks and cars are safe to deploy on public roads without a human behind the wheel. “We think this is the only way you can get to a safe, commercializable product,” said co-founder and CEO Chris Urmson of Aurora’s new Safety Case Framework.

Artpark plans India’s first autonomous vehicle test track. Artpark plans to set up India’s first test track for driverless vehicles on the 1,500-acre second campus of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Chitradurga district of Karnataka. The track is expected to be completed by next March, said Umakant Soni, chief executive of the not-for-profit AI and Robotics Technology Park (Artpark). Artpark was established by IISc, with support from AI Foundry.
Jasmeen Gill
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