Audi has given the first glimpse of its next generation design language with the unveiling of the Skysphere concept, This concept  hints at a future electric roadster. The Skysphere is an electric two-door convertible that was developed around the principles of Level 4 autonomy, which means the car can drive unaided on roads equipped with the necessary infrastructure

Ozgur Tohumcu moves from Oxbotica to head up the Amazon AWS automotive team in Europe. The CEO of UK driverless car software developer Oxbotica has moved to run Amazon’s European automotive software business.

Blue Intelligence Is Applying biotechnology to autonomous valet parking technology to remove the frustration people have with parking their automobiles. Driving experts and motor trade industry companies believe that autonomous vehicle valet parking will be one of the most attractive products for the 229 million licensed drivers in the United States.

Starship Technologies is expanding its footprint, deploying dozens of its pint-sized six-wheeled delivery robots on college campuses this fall. Each robot is electric, has a trunk that can fit about 20 pounds of cargo, and has a number of embedded cameras that can be used to identify obstacles and help guide it to its destination.

Ford and Bosch will test smart parking technology in a Detroit garage. The city of Detroit, in partnership with both Ford and Bosch, is about to open a new Smart Parking Lab. It’s a real-world environment to test future autonomous technologies that could be used to refine autonomous valet parking into a product. The facility will also enable these companies to test if it’s possible to introduce automatic smart charging into the system.

Innoviz Technologies has announced Whale Dynamic will equip its autonomous driving system with solid-state InnovizOne LiDAR sensors. Whale Dynamic’s autonomous driving (AD) platform identifies and interprets vehicles’ changing environments to provide intelligent driving suggestions. It’s equipped with drive-by-wire technology.

Motional to begin testing autonomous vehicles in LA. Motional has announced it wants to more than double its number of employees in the state, and most of them will work in Los Angeles as human operators for self-driving cars that will learn, how to drive themselves. Until Motional gets the required permits from the California DMV, the self-driving car fleet will have to always have human drivers behind the wheel.

Written by Jasmeen Gill


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