Halo has launched a commercial driver-less ride-hailing car service in Las Vegas. This vehicle will be running on T-Mobile 5G network in the city. Halo has also collaborated with local municipalities to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Halo wants to solve problems like traffic congestion and carbon emission challenges by connecting public transit systems to on-demand, driverless cars

Clemson University is taking the autonomous car to the races. Their Deep Orange 12 team has developed a self-driving race car. This prototype car observes its surroundings and acts fast enough to maintain safety.

Plus has sent a driverless truck on a highway without a human aboard. A self-driving big rig operated by the company drove a 20-mile stretch of the Wufengshan highway near China’s Yangtze River delta last month, the company’s first such truck demonstration conducted in China.

ZF has debuted a ProAI supercomputer for all levels of autonomous driving. It offers customized computing power for virtually any vehicle platform and every level of automation.

Aurora is to merge with acquisition firm Reinvent Technology Partners to form Aurora Innovation in a bid to commercialise its autonomous vehicle (AV) technology.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed an algorithm to help autonomous vehicles navigate crowded and narrow streets. Carnegie Mellon University has developed a method to model different levels of driver cooperativeness and used those models to train an algorithm that could assist an autonomous vehicle to safely navigate the situation. The algorithm has only been used in simulation and not on a vehicle in the real world, but they found the algorithm performed better than current models.

Shanghai-based autonomous driving startup G-PAL has bagged pre-Series A from Xiaomi and Baidu’s investment arms. The funds will be used to scale the production of the company’s self-driving systems.

Jasmeen Gill


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