UITP’s forum will bring together payment providers and transport operators to promote understanding of open loop and help roll it out in more places.

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UITP has launched a new Urban Mobility Open Payments Forum, aiming to advance adoption of open loop payment systems in public transport across the globe.

By joining forces with Visa and other key industry players, UITP says the Forum will be focused on helping cities create efficient, inclusive, and sustainable door-to-door travel experiences, enabled by simple, convenient, and secure open loop payments systems.

The launch of the Urban Mobility Open Payments Forum follows calls from the transportation sector to create a clearer framework for engaging in a more open dialogue at an international level on open loop payments in public transport.

The Forum will facilitate exchange and dialogue on solutions and processes, raising awareness to make it easier and less costly for public transport organisations to implement open loop payment.

“As UITP we constantly seek to further develop the integrated sustainable mobility of the future,” said Sylvain Haon, Senior Director of Strategy at UITP.

“To do this, it is of great importance to collaborate with external partners and facilitate innovation and knowledge exchange in the sector. Providing excellence in passenger experience is the common goal of each player in our sector – the new Forum aims to align these interests towards common actions and initiatives.”

“Now more than ever, passengers of public transportation expect cleaner, safer, and more convenient ways to pay when they ride, and transit systems everywhere need the resources to keep pace with these changing expectations,” said Jason Blackhurst, SVP of global seller products, Visa. “By partnering with UITP on the Urban Mobility Open Payments Forum, we are able to help accelerate worldwide accessibility to more seamless, contactless ways to pay on transportation systems, and better meet the needs of transit operators, and passengers everywhere.”

Open loop means any eligible payment method can be used without having to be part of the system itself. A passenger can use their existing contactless card to pay for a trip, even if they are not affiliated with the transport network.

This means passengers can use public transport without additional hurdles. They do not have to install an app first or buy an agency specific smartcard for every city they live in or visit. Riders can simply use a payment card or contactless device such as a phone that they already have and are familiar with, easing concerns about unused credit balances.

UITP says the Urban Mobility Open Payments Forum will launch a series of initiatives to inform and educate the wider market and improve understanding and know-how of the stakeholders of the public transport sector, in particular public transport operators and authorities.


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