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Latest News

Government paves the way for self-driving vehicles on UK roads

Following a landmark call for evidence, the government has set out how vehicles fitted with Automated Lane Keeping System (ALKS) technology could legally be defined as self-driving, as long as they receive GB type approval and that there is no evidence to challenge the vehicle’s ability to self-drive. ALKS enables a vehicle to drive itself in a single lane, while maintaining the ability to easily and safely return control to the driver when required. Read More

Toyota Constructs a Sensor-Laden Entire City to Test Its Self-Driving Cars

In late February, Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda gathered with a handful of Shinto priests in a white tent at the foot of Mount Fuji.  At the site of a recently shuttered factory, Toyoda commented on the significance of replacing a plant that’s churned out cars since the ’60s with a 175-acre community to test future technologies such as autonomous vehicles. By 2040, a fleet of more than 30 million self-driving vehicles are estimated to be driving on roads globally. Read More

Self- driving car sets new landmark by cleaning up air pollution

Slated for production in 2023, Airo is designed for IM Motors and runs as a fully electric vehicle equipped with autonomous and self-driving modes. Whenever you’d like to turn Airo’s interior into a dining booth or lounge area, the driving is taken care of through smart technology. Constructed from weathered steel, Heatherwick Studio designed a charging station for IM Motors that will become an integral piece of city infrastructure for the future of electric vehicles.  Read More

Baidu Apollo to Launch Fully Driverless Ride-Hailing Services in Beijing

Baidu, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIDU and HKEX: 9888) will open fully driverless robotaxi services to the public in Beijing starting from May 2, 2021, which will be China’s first paid autonomous vehicle service where users can hail a robotaxi without a safety driver behind the steering wheel, marking a landmark step on the road to commercialization of autonomous driving. The fully driverless Apollo Go Robotaxi service will first be launched in Beijing’s Shougang Park. Read More

Swiss researchers develop eye test for autonomous cars

An Empa researcher and her team are trying to figure out how to tell if a self-driving car has gone “blind” and its sensors need replacing. This is still a long way off at Empa,  Switzerland. Here, a five-meter Lexus RX-450h is making its rounds on a course just 180 meters long in a secluded backyard of the Empa campus. “We are investigating how these sensors work in different environmental conditions, what data they collect and when they make mistakes or even fail,” says Miriam Elser. Read More

Tesla FSD beta slated for summer EU release as UK allows self-driving cars on motorways

Tesla might release Version 9 of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software in two weeks. FSD beta’s V9 version will help Tesla’s vehicles maneuver city streets better. It seems like the next FSD beta update will roll out Tesla’s pure vision take on autonomous cars, which Elon Musk has been teasing for some time. The United Kingdom (UK) recently became the first country to green light self-driving cars on major public roads, reported Reuters. Read More

Lyft sells self-driving division to Toyota subsidiary

Woven Planet Holdings, a subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Corporation, has agreed to acquire Level 5, the self-driving division of ride-sharing giant Lyft. In addition to the acquisition of Level 5, Woven Planet and Lyft have signed commercial agreements for utilization of the Lyft system and fleet data to accelerate the safety and commercialization of the automated-driving technology that Woven Planet will develop. Read More

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Member Requests

Conigital are searching for beta testers and early adopters of our product suite. If you would like to be involved in our Driverless vehicle and MaaS trials. Please register your interest here 

Featured Events

May 4th,2021 – ISP51 – State of the Art Sensing Technologies – The focus of the event, taking place over three webinars, will be on the market challenges and opportunities, state of the art sensing technologies, and emerging sensing technologies relevant to energy production, distributions and consumptions. Industry experts and innovators will give talks on specific topical subjects, followed by a session panel discussion.  Register Here

May 6th,2021 – Engage with: Centre for Future Clean Mobility – Join this webinar to hear how the Centre for Future Clean Mobility specialises in developing new zero emissions, hybrid & electric powertrains, adding value for their partners by helping them to develop supply chains and customers, as well as improving their business systems. Join this webinar to hear how the Centre for Future Clean Mobility specialises in developing new zero emissions.  Register Here


Following recent developments with the global pandemic relating to COVID-19. A number of events are being canceled, deferred or being made online. Please check directly with event organisers to the state of your event.

Upcoming Events

Made Smarter – Innovation Network: May 4th, 2021 – If you are a manufacturer aspiring to be more productive, efficient, competitive, resilient through the use of digital technologies, an integrator or a digital technology solution provider or developer who wants to reach a manufacturing audience, then this event series will be of interest to you. Digital technology solution providers  in the series will have early access to express their interest in taking a stand at Innovation Alley.  Register Here

ISP51 – State of the Art Sensing Technologies – May 4th, 2021 – The focus of the event, taking place over three webinars, will be on the market challenges and opportunities, state of the art sensing technologies, and emerging sensing technologies relevant to energy production, distributions and consumptions. There will also be an opportunity for technology companies to take part in a pitching session.  Register Here

Engage with: Centre for Future Clean Mobility: May 6th, 2021 –  Leading the next generation of clean mobility to make our streets, railways, farms, seas and waterways cleaner and greener. Join this webinar to hear how the Centre for Future Clean Mobility specialises in developing new zero emissions, hybrid & electric powertrains, adding value for their partners by helping them to develop supply chains and customers, as well as improving their business systems. Register Here

Prospering from the Energy Revolution: Six in Sixty: May 6th, 2021 – This is your chance to hear from the various parts of the PFER programme including demonstrators, designs, key technology and data projects alongside our intellectual powerhouse EnergyRev and the Energy Revolution Integration Service delivered via the Energy Systems Catapult. Episodes in the series will feature a wide variety of project presentations (both PFER and non-PFER funded projects) as well as insights from investors, entrepreneurs, government departments and regulators. Register Here

Autonomy at the Edge: May 11th, 2021 –  If you’ve been home schooling your children, you’ve probably learnt the value of finding them tasks they can go and do for themselves.  The same approach is rolling out across the IoT – using the increased power of edge processing to allow devices to be autonomous for most of their lives. This online SIG event will look at the evolution of autonomous processing, its potential and some of the applications which are already using it. Register Here

Made Smarter – Predictive Maintenance: May 11th, 2021 – This event will explore the emergence of products and services that inform manufacturers as to when their shop floor equipment is likely to require maintenance. We will hear from both providers of these services and from manufacturers that have seen the benefits and provide a meeting place for the two communities – technology providers/developers and interested manufacturers.  Register Here

Challenging Procurement Series: Co-creating Innovation: May 12th, 2021 – The objective is to unleash the potential of public procurement to deliver innovative products and services, while engaging innovative providers, especially SMEs. During  this webinar you will hear leading case studies, best practices, and learn why citizen co-projects are often cited as a powerful mechanism by innovative public sector organisations, where citizens can identify their own unmet needs and propose solutions. Register Here

Digital Business Meetup – Creative Industries: May 12th, 2021 –During the session, you will be able to: Learn about the funding and business support available from Innovate UK and other support organisations, Introduce your own digital business to others (NOTE: five 3-min spots will be available to pre-selected businesses) and Network and speak directly with presenters and other participating businesses after the main event. Register Here

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COVID 19 Grant & Support Information


COVID-19: Government guidance for employees, employers and businesses

This guidance also provides details of support available to businesses including:

  • Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
  • Deferring VAT and Self-Assessment payments
  • Statutory sick pay relief package for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) and other Grants
  • New lending facility from the Bank of England to help support liquidity among larger firms

Funding Calls & Opportunities

Innovation loans: April 2021 open competition – Businesses can apply for loans for innovative projects with strong commercial potential to significantly improve the UK economy. Your project must aim to develop new products, processes or services which are significantly ahead of anything similar in the field. You can also propose an innovative use of existing products, processes or services. Read More

APC 18: developing the UK’s low carbon automotive capability – APC 18 is looking for: projects that support the UK’s long-term capabilities through securing long-term R&D investment and projects that can be achieved through its associated supply chain in the design, build and manufacture of zero tailpipe emission vehicles. Read More

Knowledge transfer partnerships (KTP): 2021 to 2022, round 2 – UK registered academic institutions, RTOs or Catapults can apply for a share of up to £6 million to fund innovation projects with businesses or not-for-profits. This new partnership brings new skills and the latest academic thinking into the business partner to deliver a specific, strategic innovation project. The knowledge base partner will recruit 1 or 2 graduates (known as ‘associates’) to work on the project. Each application must be led by a knowledge base, working with a business partner. Read More

Innovation in time dissemination and application – UK registered organisations can apply for a share of up to £2 million for business-led innovation in resilient time, frequency and synchronisation. This funding is from the Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF). Your proposal must deliver a feasibility study for an innovative development and demonstrate a route to market. This is the first of two associated competitions funded from the Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) as part of the National Timing Centre programme, led by NPL. Read More

Zero emission road freight strand 3: supply chain technology – This investment is for advanced feasibility studies and industrial research in supply chain technology. Your project can be for the future use of zero emission trucks, including battery electric trucks, hydrogen fuel cell trucks, or trucks which will be operated on an electric road system. Read More

Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition – Strand 2 – The aim of this competition is to support the design and development of technologies for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the UK’s maritime sector as set out in the Clean Maritime Plan and support the transition to Net Zero by 2050. In this competition we are seeking solutions for all sizes and categories of maritime vessels. Solutions can be suitable for one target size or multiple sizes of vessels.  Read More

NATEP helping SMEs innovate in aerospace – Spring 2021 – The aim of this competition is to provide help for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop innovative aerospace technologies. These will enhance your capabilities and increase your ability to win new business. Your proposal must align with the priorities stated in the UK Aerospace technology strategy, Accelerating Ambition. Read More

Driving the Electric Revolution: Supply Chains for Net Zero – UK registered businesses of any size can apply for a share of up to £22 million for innovation projects focused on supply chain development for power electronics, electric machines and drives. The aim of this competition is to facilitate the UK’s niche and volume supply chain and manufacturing capability growth in power electronics, machines and drives (PEMD). Read More

IETF energy efficiency and decarbonisation studies, Spring 2021- Organisations can apply for a share of up to £40 million to carry out feasibility and engineering studies into energy efficiency and decarbonisation technologies for industrial processes. This competition is open to single applicants and collaborations. Read More

IETF deployment of energy efficiency technologies, Spring 2021-  This competition aims to support the commercial roll out and permanent installation of technologies at industrial sites. This is the second round of the IETF Phase 1 competition. In this strand you must be an industrial business of any size to apply. You can apply on your own or in collaboration with other organisations. Your project must take place at a manufacturing site or data centre in England, Wales or Northern Ireland and be led by the operator of that site. Read More

More funding can be found here

Featured Jobs


Aimsun: Front-end React Engineer – Aimsun is seeking a talented Front-end React Engineer to join our Product Development team at Aimsun headquarters in central Barcelona. You will work on extending the capabilities of Aimsun Live, our real-time decision support software. Responsibilities include: Analyzing user requirements, development of  working software solutions, running performance and quality test and correction of software defects. Apply

Catapult: Lead GIS Specialist – Purpose of the role is reporting to the Sustainability and GIS Team Leader, you should be passionate and highly skilled at at supporting research and innovation that has an impact on transport and cities. You will lead a small dynamic GIS team that is building traction both internally and within industry to implement and support cutting edge changes. As Lead grade, you will need to provide technical direction for other members of the GIS team. Apply

KTN: IT Support (iOS and macOS) – Purpose of the role is to assist the Head of Integrated Systems to deliver an effective, efficient and robust IT function to support the operations of KTN Limited. Provide IT 1st line support to all of KTN staff in a professional and timely manner. Offering advice and guidance where appropriate and required.  Responsibilities will include providing support to the Head of Integrated Systems and Operational team as required. Maintain, update and help audit the IT asset management system, cross-reference all IT systems and update accordingly. Apply

Catapult: Systems Engineer –  This role will require a combination of analytical work, technical support and stakeholder engagement for key projects which could span across different transport modes including road, rail, and water-borne applications. Although this is primarily a project-support role, a key part of the role could also include supporting thought-leaders at the CPC in developing its strategy and project portfolio in the area. We are seeking experienced individuals for a Systems Engineer role, but will equally consider candidates with less experience but with high potential.  Apply

Immense Simulations: Transport Modeller – Demand Modelling – Modelling specialists will use our innovative software to deliver high quality external and internal projects. They work closely with our development and science teams to ensure the functionality and performance of our product meets the needs of our clients and aligns with our technology roadmap as well as contributing to developing tools to automate the building of calibrated and validated models throughout the world.  Apply

Plextek: Sales Account Manager – As part of growth plan, Plextek is looking for a Sales Account Manager to join our sales team. Your primary objective will be new business development, identifying customers with potential requirements and marrying them to Plextek’s capabilities within a viable commercial framework. The scope of the role covers all our market sectors except defence. This role is about selling a capability, rather than an existing product portfolio, so identifying possible opportunities demands a solid understanding of the technical issues involved in a potential application.  Apply

Plextek: Senior Mechatronic Design Engineer – Plextek is looking for a design engineer who possesses the experience necessary to play the key role in developing our offering in mechatronics and related disciplines. Your recent experience could be in any industry, supported by recognised academic achievements. This is a client facing role and you will actively seek project opportunities in technologies that both interest you and would benefit the team. Apply

Plextek: Senior Electronic Systems Design Engineer – Plextek is looking for a senior electronics design engineer to join the team, possessing the experience necessary to play a key role in architecting and designing new systems and products. The work will require an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals underlying the real-world engineering of systems that will usually have a basis in radio. Experience of modern radio communications and radar systems is highly desirable. Apply

ICAV Cluster: Motion Planning Engineer (Autonomous Driving) –  As a Motion Planning Engineer, you will be responsible for the development of environment modeling, motion planning, and behavioral prediction algorithms, and software that enables an autonomous vehicle to interact with its environment. You will have the chance to work with expert team & implementing these algorithms on high tech hardware that will allow you to explore
algorithms that were traditionally too costly on edge computing systems. Apply

Conigital: Full-Stack Developer – Reporting to the Team Lead, you will take responsibility for developing key aspects and functions that form the backbone of our product portfolio (ConOP™). This includes development at different Technology Readiness Levels, writing functions to analyse data sets, develop prototypes releases of software (for pilots to prove concepts), and “glue” systems together to integrate different business applications. You will support technical review and have a passion to design, develop and implement quality software solutions to be deployed at scale. Apply

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Top Jobs

Conigital : ROS Developer –  Conigital is looking for a ROS Developer to support ongoing development. Reporting to the AV Team Lead, the data scientist will be working within a successful and motivated team. As a specialist in ROS one will have to devote her/his expertise to leverage the current development in the field of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) development. You should be experienced in Robotic Operating System (ROS), ROS1 & ROS2, various sensors, navigation, control system, and robot programming. Expertise in sensor integration, sensor data acquisition, sensor data synchronisation and sensor data processing for modular integration is required.  Apply 

KTN: Project Manager – Equality, Diversity & Inclusion –  Diversity is essential if we are to maximise positive change through innovation. KTN plays a pivotal role in creating the diverse connections to drive such a positive change. This role will involve managing a range of internal and external ED&I focused activities. This will include the high-profile Innovate UK programmes “Women in Innovation” and “Young Innovators”.  The role will work closely with the Knowledge Transfer Manager – Diversity & Inclusion. Furthermore, the role will work closely with KTN’s Executive on the development of KTN’s ED&I Strategy. Apply

Catapult: Global Business Growth Coordinator – The Global Business Growth Coordinator will sit within the Global Business Growth Team, a dynamic group of international people passionate about urban innovation and opening new routes to market for the UK ecosystem. The Team generates new international opportunities (business development) for the Catapult and is also delivering projects in collaboration with other relevant teams. These opportunities can be collaborative research and development (CR&D) projects or commercial projects.  Apply

Catapult: Service Designer – Catapult is looking for a brilliant concept and service designer with a broad design background who can apply design thinking and service design methodologies to place based challenges. You are passionate about making ideas tangible and actionable in real environments in a people and society centric way. Above all, you should be excited about experimenting with new and innovative processes that bring together design and technology. Apply

ICAV Cluster: Data Scientist [AI and Optimisation Specialist] –  ICAV Cluster is looking for an AI and Optimisation Specialist, You will be working on Multi-objective Optimization projects in the transport and energy sectors using Metaheuristic Algorithms. You will be working with our technical lead deploying and integrating our propriety EAs algorithms to explore a variety of datasets to drive greater value and business insight supporting near Realtime decision making in dynamic situations. Apply

Conigital Group: Software Engineer – Reporting to the Tech Team Lead, you will take responsibility for developing key aspects and functions that form the backbone of our product portfolio (ConOP™). This includes development at different Technology Readiness Levels, writing functions to analyse data sets, develop prototypes releases of software (for pilots to prove concepts), and “glue” systems together to integrate different business applications. Apply

Conigital Group: Cloud Architect – Reporting to the CTO, you will translate business needs to technical requirements and specifications for cloud-based portfolio of products, while improving the efficiency and operations of SaaS products. You will support technical review and have a passion to design and improve digital solutions to be deployed at scale. Apply

ICAV Cluster: Vehicle Integration Engineer – Reporting to the Technical Director, the Vehicle Integration Engineer Will Lead and drive forward the definition and implementation of a vehicle x-by-wire interface that will be used to integrate with a vehicle automation platform. The x-by-wire solution will be designed to be configurable across several target vehicles. The role is not just about developing the software but also about defining and integrating the electro-mechanical mechanisms and interfaces with existing vehicle systems (e.g. introducing epas, e-braking etc). Apply

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