JTEC Auto World, an online platform for new and used cars, parts and accessories, has plans for an app for iOS and android users, the company announced in a press release.

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The application is expected to be available in the coming weeks and will combine the three segments of its business: new and used automobiles, new & used auto parts and accessories, and a nationwide automotive technician services directory all under one application.

The application is being created by MasterBeat Corporation.

“This is one of the fastest growing trends in online shopping and it will continue; cell phone sales will account for over $13 billion in auto parts and accessories sales for 2022, Josh Tannariello, CEO of Masterbeat Corp, said in a statement.

“The app gives us the ability to communicate with our users in a targeted fashion by sending out notifications that target the specific needs of our customers. We’ve found that more customers are expressing their preference to receive communications in ways the app allows us to via our notifications.”


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