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The ITS (UK) Awards – an annual celebration of excellence and recognition for outstanding contributions by the Intelligent Transport Systems industry in the UK.

The first ITS United Kingdom Awards were made in connection with the 2006 ITS World Congress in London.  Every year since, this awards programme has acknowledged and highlighted professional ITS expertise and raised awareness of the benefits and value of ITS technologies to our cities, economy, environment, transport and everyday lives.

The 2020 ITS (UK) Awards ceremony will take place at a venue (TBC) near Redhill, Surrey on the evening of Monday October 26th.   As with previous years, the Awards ceremony will be held alongside the Presidents Dinner and therefore it is an evening not to be missed!  If social distancing rules mean a physical gathering is not possible, we will hold the Awards ceremony online.

This is your opportunity to put forward a nomination.

Nominations welcome from –

All ITS (UK) Members are welcome to make nominations.  The nominated people / organisations / services / products must have a significant UK content.  Applicants may include non-ITS (UK) members, but the lead applicant must be a member.

2020 Award Categories

  • The Rees Hills Annual Award for personal contribution and achievement
  • The Sampson Early Career Professional of the Year Award

Features to consider and/or include are:

  • Details of the individual’s experience supplemented by professional accreditation, achievements, publications etc
  • Verifiable details of the impact and influence that the individual has had within the sector
  • Industry references that support the entry
  • UK ITS Project of the Year Award
  • The Inclusive Mobility Award 
  • Innovative Use of Technology Award for creativity and forward thinking

Key items and features to consider and/or include are:

  • Details of any testing carried out that justify the entry and provide measurement and success
  • Details of any consultation processes
  • The benefits and effectiveness of the product / project / service in accordance with the award criteria
  • Visual demonstrations and valid statistics either through photos, technical diagrams, charts etc. to further highlight the entry
  • Sector references that support the entry

Award Criteria

The following criteria are intended to apply to people, organisations, products and services. The judges will look for clear and quantitative evidence of the criteria, but will also consider more qualitative evidence and will exercise personal judgement.

  1. Innovative – an innovative development bringing together different initiatives and technologies
  2. Well developed – past the “bright idea” and prototype stage and showing proven technology or business benefits
  3. Sustainable – durable and likely to have a lasting impact/benefit on ITS
  4. Transferrable – capable of being transferred to other locations/applications
  5. Interoperable – showing (or be capable of) integration with other ITS developments
  6. Impact – demonstrable beneficial effects (safety, environmental, congestion, economy, inclusiveness, publicity etc.) above that achievable without ITS
  7. Leadership – evidence of long-term commitment, leadership, and willingness to be involved
  8. Forward thinking – reflects progressiveness and a futuristic outlook


  • Each nominee (person, project or organisation) can only be nominated for one category. No double nominations will be accepted
  • The ITS Young Professional Award has been changed to Early Career Professional (in accordance with our Forum’s new name)
  • All entries within all categories (project or individual) must be UK based 
  • The lead nominee of each entry must be an ITS (UK) Member as mentioned above 

How to Apply

All nominations can be submitted through here – NOMINATION FORM

Once completed please send this form back to Rukshan – rsoysa@its-uk.org.uk with all the required details.  Also please contact Rukshan if you have an queries or questions about the nomination process or the Awards ceremony itself.

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