Porsche is looking to incorporate infrared sensor technology amongst their driverless cars

TriEye are a start-up company in Israel who specialise in solving the current limitations of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, such as the challenge to optimally scan the environment under atypical weather conditions (fog, extreme rains, storms, tornados) or low-visible dark areas.

This is achieved with the TriEye Raven technology, which is a Short Wave Infrared Radiometer to help Autonomous Vehicles manoeuvre safer amongst tough environments by including accurate image data in those situations.

Photo by Lucy Chian on Unsplash

Today’s top developers of ADAS have great sensory range with new developments being achieved regularly, yet majority are susceptible to adverse weather conditions.

“Our collaboration with Porsche has been exceptional from day one and we look forward to growing this potential,” said Avi Bakal, CEO and co-founder of TriEye.

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Main Photo by Duc Le on Unsplash