Locals in Peru experience lack of internet access as mobile operators avoid assembling traditional network-infrastructure such as cell towers, while the Peruvian terrain encompasses rivers, mountains, and rainforests, proving challenging to do so.

Loon on the other hand have developed a 20km sky-high solution to overcome the natural obstacles with their solar powered balloons. With essential elements of a cell tower and autonomous navigation, the balloons could achieve stratospheric flight and position themselves ready to expand connectivity for Peru.

There are plans to connect 6 million users by 2021, and the balloons will be in the air for 150 days at a time.

This wouldn’t be the first for Loon to launch the balloons over Peru, as in May of 2019 they were activated as an emergency solution after the 8.0 earthquake. Yet this will be the first time Loon will be a permanent solution.

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Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos at Unsplash.com