The major Canadian City is preparing to move forward with autonomous vehicles after Council’s approval on October, 29.

The idea is to accompany their Automated Vehicles Tactical Plan with a 3 year schedule and prepare the city for Autonomous Vehicle-ready by 2022. Outlining experiments to find key data and offer Toronto the information necessary for successful implementation.

The preparations involve a shuttle-trial next year, creation of a transportation-innovation zone, response/incident prep tests, human interactivity, and further developments such as “autonomous snow-removal on sidewalks” and impact on land-use.

The City’s has a collaborative approach as they’ve consulted 30+ city divisions, along with over 350 communities who’re involved with autonomous development, as well as assembled help of academic institutions, and national or inter-national specialists.

John Tory, Toronto mayor, believes they’re ready for embracing the potential of autonomous tech in guiding the city into a more efficient & reliant transportation-network.

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