Whim combines route planning, usage and payment of various public and private means of transport in a single app. Thanks to the Whim app, transport in and around Vienna is now easier, more convenient and smoother for locals and tourists. To get started, the public transport provider Wiener Linien, taxi company Taxi 31300 and the City Airport Train partnered with Whim.

The end of October 2019 marks the beginning of a new era in local transport in Vienna: the Austrian capital is the first metropolis in Central Europe where the Finnish company MaaS Global is launching its revolutionary Whim mobility app. Previously, the Whim app had already been launched in its home market in Helsinki (winter 2017), in Birmingham/England (spring 2018) and in Antwerp/Belgium (autumn 2018).

Whim is the first available mobility-as-a-service solution that enables smooth and stress-free transportation in local traffic. With a single app that combines public transport and private transport, users have access to the services of different transport providers. The app offers users the opportunity to plan their trip from A to B and pay for their use easily: users of the Whim app avoid to register on multiple platforms and to handle multiple tickets. And on top Whim-users won’t waste their time by checking complex timetables of different means of transport.

Sampo Hietanen, CEO of MaaS Global says: “The Whim mobility app can help change the way more than 2.8 million people in and around Vienna get from A to B.” And change is exactly what MaaS Global is aiming for in all of its markets: “MaaS Global has a clear vision of a world in which people can move efficiently and smoothly with the means of transport available,” explains Hietanen. The CEO of MaaS Global hopes that owning a car in Vienna will be a little less attractive in the future thanks to Whim: “Fewer people will own their own automobile in the future, which will result in far less congestion and significantly less pollution. And instead of the frustrating hustle and bustle in the daily traffic chaos on the streets, a soothing serenity will spread on weekdays”, Hietanen is convinced.

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Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash