Zoox who have raised 800-million dollars through successful autonomous vehicle implementation onto the public roads of San Francisco are newly targeting the 28th most populated city in the US – Last Vegas.

Since they received permission from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles in early months of 2019, Zoox were mapping valuable routes to achieve strategic testing for cost efficiency purposes. That means they’re now ready to begin sending thirty of their acclaimed retrofitted Toyota Highlander’s out for measured blocks of time.

And recently Five of their deployments were successfully made.

Zoox have said they’re choosing Las Vegas because the city offers diverse opportunities such as tireless night time activity and dense pick-up & drop-off zones compared to San Francisco.

Their goal is to launch an autonomous ride-hailing service by confirming & improving their technology. Additionally, the permission granted by the Nevada Department also cleared passenger transport. Thus Zoox have high ambitions to achieve in the City of Las Vegas.

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Photo by Olympus from Pixabay.