As HORIBA MIRA celebrates three years since the launch of the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Automotive Research (CCAAR) partnership with Coventry University, SMART Highways reporter Emma Greedy spoke to Research & Future Transport Technologies Manager at HORIBA MIRA, Anthony Baxendale.

Global engineering consultancy HORIBA MIRA began a partnership with Coventry University in July 2016 to open the automotive research centre at the HORIBA MIRA Technology Park in Nuneaton. CCAAR was created to provide an environment to simulate, test and evaluate the security and safety of Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV).

Anthony Baxendale said that HORIBA MIRA’s partnership with Coventry University is ‘a key part of how the company innovates quickly.’ Whilst HORIBA MIRA has collaborated with various universities over the years, Baxendale said that the company felt that Coventry’s culture, as well as the fact that it’s local, all helped to recognise that this collaboration could produce great results.

Bright young minds as well as inquisitive university culture is what HORIBA MIRA feels makes for new ideas within the automotive industry. ‘Disruptive ideas that maybe engineers, like ourselves, can’t come up with can come from university students. We can then implement them, so if you can bring the two together, that’s a great incentive for a collaboration,’ said Baxendale.

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Featured photo by julientromeur from Pixabay.