Apple is reportedly expanding efforts to forward its self-driving car project and will be adding 33 drivers to test its fleet of 69 autonomous vehicles.

Apple is currently operating 69 vehicles on California roads.

According to Apple Insider the tech company has the third-largest fleet of autonomous test cars in California behind GM Cruise and Waymo, which field 258 cars and 135 cars, respectively.

Apple initially began its effort to build a branded self-driving car with ‘Project Titan’. At one point the programme had over 1,000 employees working on various projects. Apple Insider reports that the effort was put on hold in late 2016 after development roadblocks led to disagreements in company’s upper ranks.

Reports suggest Apple plans to implement a version of its self-driving technology in an autonomous shuttle that will ferry employees between its California campuses.

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

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