ICAV as part of the Contact group are pleased to be supporting a specialist MaaS training event aimed at local authorities held on the 27th of March. The event is to help them really understand ‘the nuts and bolts’ of how to implement MaaS in their area. It is designed for people who are not MaaS experts but feel that their day jobs mean they will soon need to know more than they currently do. This event has been made possible through sponsorship from Innovate UK & Jacobs 
ITS UK in partnership with TDI are running multiple workshops that will cover different topics and elements of MaaS. The facilitators will be able to walk you through their experiences, both good and bad to really help you understand the practical processes of MaaS. This event is aimed at the employees on the ground that would be part of the implementation of MaaS. 
The topics that will be covered include: 
– Governance & Contractual 
– Technology 
– Economics & Business models 
– Safety, Behaviour and Social factors. 
The event is free but there is a limited amount of places available. To see the agenda and book your tickets please visit: http://its-uk.org.uk/event/maas-workshop-joint-with-tdi/