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Scottish transport sector gains greater access to innovation funding

The Scottish transport sector is to benefit from greater access to funding for new innovation projects which support business growth and create improved traction within a £1.4 trillion pound emerging Intelligent Mobility global economy, thanks to Transport Systems Catapult opening a dedicated Scottish base. Read More

Pods provide a first-last mile solution in Milton Keynes

This month will see the conclusion of the UK Autodrive pod trials in Milton Keynes, the Transport Systems Catapult is a proud member of the UK Autodrive consortium. The pods provided a crucial link to the autonomous and connected vehicles in the project’s grand finale, enabling the world’s first demonstration of multi-CAV vehicles completing an end-to-end journey in the UK. Read More

Muji designs “friendly” autonomous shuttle bus for Finland

Japanese brand Muji has revealed designs for an autonomous shuttle bus built for all weather conditions, set to hit the roads in three Finnish cities by 2020. Read More

Research into human-automated vehicle interaction gets the green light

ITS Leeds academic, Dr Gustav Markkula, has been awarded the prestigious EPSRC fellowship to research safe coexistence of humans and self-driving vehicles. Read More

Immense appoint Shaleen Srivastava, former PTV Vice President, as Chief Commercial Officer

Immense Simulations are thrilled to announce the appointment of Shaleen Srivastava as our new Chief Commercial Officer. Shaleen is a recognised expert in emerging transportation technologies. From connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), shared and on-demand urban mobility, e-Mobility, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), IoT/IIoT… Read More

Baidu hits the gas on autonomous vehicles with Volvo and Ford deals

China’s search engine giant Baidu is continuing its partnership spree for Apollo, its open development platform for autonomous driving, after it inked a deal with Swedish automaker Volvo to develop level four self-driving passenger cars. Read More

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Funding Calls

Innovation loans: September 2018 open competition: Innovate UK is to offer up to £10 million in loans to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Loans are for highly innovative late-stage projects with the best game-changing and/or disruptive ideas or concepts. There should be a clear route to commercialisation and economic impact. Read More

British Business Bank launches online information hub to support small businesses: The British Business Bank has launched its new targeted digital information hub and is live and accessible for SMEs seeking finance to grow their businesses. Read More

Energy Catalyst: what it is and how to apply for funding – An overview of the Energy Catalyst programme and the opportunities for UK businesses to accelerate their growth and tackle the biggest energy challenges. Read More

IDP 15: the road to zero-emission vehicles, large R&D – UK businesses can apply for up to £4 million to research and develop technologies that accelerate the transition to zero emission vehicles. Read More

IDP 15: the road to zero-emission vehicles, feasibility studies – UK businesses can apply for a share of up to £2 million to research and develop technologies that accelerate the transition to zero emission vehicles. Read More

Faraday Battery Challenge: Innovation R&D, Round 3 – UK businesses can apply for a share of up to £23 million for R&D projects focused on de-risking the scale up of battery development technology. This funding comes from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. Read More

Faraday Battery Challenge: Innovation Feasibility Studies, Round 3 – UK businesses can apply for a share of up to £2 million for feasibility studies focused on de-risking the scale up of battery development technology. This funding comes from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. Read More

More funding calls can be found here.

*Featured Events*

Disruption 2018: 24 October – Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, VR and the Internet of Things. We hear these words daily, in the office, in the papers – what does it all mean and how can we apply this emerging technology to our daily operations? #Disruption2018 has the answers to your questions and the ideas you can implement within your business. Read More
Highways UK NEC Birmingham: 7 – 8 November 2018 – The event comprises a multi-stream conference combined with a major exhibition. It is free to attend. Highways UK is for the people and organisations involved in the planning, designing, building, operating and future-proofing of the UK’s road network. Read More
*Space only rates are reduced to £220 and Shell Scheme rates reduced to £260. To claim your discount, email for more information.

This conference, co-hosted by IDEA Institute and the Centre for Brexit Studies, at Birmingham City University, will explore the Metro Mayors’ impact since their election in 2017 and their ability to influence future prospects for greater regional prosperity. A central question is whether the time is ripe for a new, and fairer, constitutional settlement for the English regions. Read More

Gain 33% off delegate tickets (£20 + VAT) 

Participants will have the opportunity to hear about the exciting developments taking place in this sector, including details of the work being undertaken by the Energy Technology and Research Institute, the Energy for Business Innovation programme and the Enterprise Europe initiative, alongside companies operating in this sector. Choose ‘ICAV’ in the dropdown menu to access the discount. Read More

Upcoming Events

International Driverless Vehicle Summit: 30 October – 2 November – The Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) team is excited at the opportunity to present what will be the biggest and best Summit to date – which will be packed with an array of prominent national and international driverless vehicle experts representing a range of sectors. Read More

AI: Threat or Opportunity?: 1 November 2018 – AI is a topic which is of great interest to our members. Not just for their business, but also from an interesting point of view in how AI will change the world as we know it; to discover how technology is being developed and what impact it will have on the world, both from a business and technological view but also ethically. Read More

Women in Innovation: Building Success – Cardiff: 5 November 2018 – As part of Innovate UK’s second Women in Innovation programme, KTN will be running four Building Success events in CardiffGlasgowLondon and Belfast. Take the opportunity to network with like-minded women, learn from experts and hear from successful female entrepreneurs at these free to attend events. Read More

How to negotiate your own NDA: 12 November 2018 – Browne Jacobson will circulate a non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) in advance and provide some training to build confidence for companies seeking to agree and negotiate their own NDAs – with practical tips and guidance on dealing with investors and when to take advice. The session will be a roundtable so please feel free discuss any queries you have. Read More

Secure IoT – Internet of Things Cybersecurity conference: 13 November 2018 – We are seeing an ever-increasing number and sophistication of cyber-attacks on systems and products that are using connected IoT devices. These attacks are being instigated by different types of actors including criminals; states and state-sponsored; issue-orientated hacktivists (malicious insiders pose the greatest threat) and ‘script kiddies’. Read More

Mayoral Combined Authorities – What can they do for us?: 16 November – Getting a ‘Fair Deal’ in England has proved to be problematic. Politically, Britain is recognised as one of the most centralised countries in Europe with London receiving over half the total national infrastructure spending each year. Against a background of persistent poverty, this seems unfair especially given the increasing criticisms of capitalism following on from the financial crisis and leading to greater regional inequality. Read More

Sustainable Transport in the Midlands: the key to unlocking the benefits of new housing: 19 November – Join the Transport Knowledge Hub at a regional forum in Birmingham on housing and local transport in the Midlands. The session, which is part of a series of events, will consider the findings of new research undertaken by KPMG on sustainable transport and housing. Read More

Empower your business with open data: 21 November – Whether you have some prior knowledge of Open Data, work in a related field, or are completely new to it, this introductory workshop will give you a better understanding on how Open Data has the power to fuel economic growth, job creation, innovation and new business opportunities. Read More

Robots: Assistance, Automation, Entertainment: 22 November 2018 – We will focus on advanced technological innovations (human-robot interaction, humanoids, social robots, autonomous systems, intelligent perception, AI, machine learning, connectivity), as well as on societal aspects (legal issues, legislation, regulations, robotics ethics, human-robot co-existence, employment, safety). Read More

STEP supplier engagement event: 23 November 2018 – York is the UK’s first-gigabit city, and STEP will make York the first small city to combine data, technology and connected people and vehicles to deliver our policy aims. Read More

ITS UK Summit 2018 – 26 – 27 November – The ITS (UK) Summit is returning to the industry calendar in 2018, with the date set for 26 and 27 November. The event will take place in Bristol and coincide with the annual President’s Dinner and ITS (UK) Awards ceremony which will take place on Monday evening, 26 November. Read More

CAV & Hydrogen and Fuel Cells – Powering the Future: March 2019– The conference looks at all aspects of the commercialisation of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell sector with presentations from key stakeholders operating in this sector, policymakers and also users of the technology. Transport will be a key subject of interest including buses, trucks, rail and shipping and of course private transport. The increasing interest in Hydrogen for Heat will be considered as will the vital issues of hydrogen production, infrastructure, storage and safety and large and small scale portable and stationary applications. Read More