On 7 March 2018, Ismail Ertug (MEP) hosted an EU Parliament workshop in which the role of research and public funding for automated driving in Europe was discussed.

More than one hundred relevant stakeholders and EU Policy Makers from EU Parliament and EU Commission engaged in discussions and listened to EU Commission and Industry sharing their visions on the future of mobility, and Connected Automated Driving, in Europe.

Clara de la Torre, Director EC DG RTD, gave an overview of EC activities that are currently ongoing, and highlighted the importance of some specific topics that will help develop safer and more secure technology such as data sharing, while also pointing out privacy issues, C-ITS, Cyber security, public acceptance and technology acceptance. She highlighted the importance of investing deeper in research & innovation, both at National and European level, and to create a fair policy and regulatory framework especially when it comes to certification, data management and privacy.

After the keynote speech four panellists Eckhard Steiger (Bosch), Armin Gräter (ERTRAC), Alessandro Coda (CLEPA) and Aria Etemad (EUCAR) presented their view and on-going projects on connected automated driving.

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Alessandro Coda, CLEPA CTO presented CARTRE and SCOUT projects as examples of successful ongoing projects funded by EC Work Program H2020. For more details on CARTRE and SCOUT projects refer to CCAV Research and Development document.